Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital option?

Options – derivative financial instruments based on underlying assets (stocks, currency pairs, oil, and so on).

DIGITAL OPTIONS – non-standard options used to generate profits from price movements of an asset for a certain period of time.

Digital options, depending on the terms agreed to by the parties to the transaction, provide a fixed profit (the difference between trading income and asset price) or cause a loss (of asset value) at a time determined by the parties.

Because digital options are purchased in advance at a fixed price, the magnitude of profits and possible losses are known even before trading.

Another feature of this offer is the time limit. All options have their own timeframes (expiration time or expiration time).

Whatever the rate of change in the price of the underlying asset (how much the price rises or falls), if the option wins, you will still receive a fixed payment. So, your risk is only limited to the purchase value of the option.

What are the types of digital options?

When trading options, you must select the underlying asset that will underlie the option. Your prediction will be made for this asset.

In short, when purchasing a digital contract, you are actually risking the price movement of the underlying asset.

The underlying asset is the “item” whose price is taken into consideration when making a trade. The most sought-after products on the market usually serve as the underlying assets of digital options. There are four basic types of assets:

  • securities (world company shares)
  • currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and so on)
  • raw materials and precious metals (oil, gold and so on)
  • indices (S&P 500, Dow, dollar index, and so on)

There is no universal underlying asset. When choosing it, you can only rely on your own knowledge and intuition, as well as various types of market analysis and analysis information for a particular financial instrument.

What is the essence of digital options trading?

In fact, digital options are the simplest type of derivative financial instrument. To make money in the digital options market, you do not need to predict the market price value of an asset.

The principle of the trading process has been simplified to one – whether the price of an asset will rise or fall when the contract is executed.

When trading options, the rate of change in the price of the underlying asset is not important, either 100 points or only 1 point, from the time the trade is made until it is closed. You just need to determine the direction of this price movement.

If your prediction is correct, you will get a steady profit

How to quickly learn to make money in the digital options market?

To make a profit in the digital options market, you only need to correctly predict the price direction of the asset you have chosen (up or down). So, to get stable profits, you must:

  • develop your own trading strategy so that the number of correct trade predictions is maximum and follow that strategy
  • diversify risks

When developing a strategy and looking for diversification options, it is a good idea to monitor the market and study analytical and statistical information from various sources (the internet, expert opinions, analysts in this field, and so on) – one of which is the Company's website.

Is there an account to start learning to understand?

Yes. To develop trading skills and test the capabilities of the Company's trading platform, you can use a demo account (free). This is a kind of simulator that allows you to try first, then move on to real trading. A demo account is also suitable for experienced traders who want to improve their skills.

The demo account balance is $10,000 which can be refilled if it runs out.

Where can the Company pay profits to Clients for successful trades?

The company generates profits with customers. So, the Company is more interested in profitable transactions compared to unprofitable ones, because the Company gets a payout percentage for the successful trading strategy chosen by the Client.

In addition, the trades made by the Client accumulate into the Company's trading volume, which is transferred to a broker or exchange and included in the liquidity provider pool, which then encourages an increase in market liquidity itself.

Can I close my account? How to do it?

You can delete your account in the Individual Accounts section by clicking the “Delete Account” button at the bottom of your profile page.

What is a trade expiration period?

Once the expiration period ends, the trade will be considered completed (closed) and the results will be automatically set.

When trading with digital options, you determine the transaction execution time yourself (1 minute, 2 hours, months, and so on).

What is a trading platform and why is it needed?

Trading platform – complex software that allows Clients to carry out trades (operations) with various financial instruments. This platform also accesses various information, such as quote value, real-time market position, company actions, and so on.

What are the possible outcomes of trading?

There are three possible outcomes in the digital options market:

  1. if the predicted price direction movement of your underlying asset is correct, you will make a profit.
  2. if at the time the option closes, your prediction turns out to be wrong, you will experience a loss of the asset's value (in fact, you may only lose the investment's value).
  3. if the trade result is zero (the price of the underlying asset does not change, the option closes at the same price as when purchased), you will get back the same investment value. So, your level of risk is always limited to the value of the asset.
Do I have to download the program on my computer or smartphone?

None. You only need to register on the Company website via the form provided and open an individual account.

What currency is used in the Client's account? Can I change the currency in the Client's account?

Generally, trading accounts are opened in US dollars. However, for convenience, you can open several accounts in different currencies.

You can find a list of available currencies on the profile page in the Client's account.

Is there a minimum deposit amount to the account at the time of registration?

The advantage of this Company's trading platform is that you do not need to make large deposits into your account. You can start trading by investing a little money. Minimum deposit is 10 USD.