Program terms and conditions
Quotex affiliate

The Quotex trading platform has an affiliate program that provides commission payments based on two models:

  • Profit Sharing
  • Share Turnover

In either model, the commission amount depends on the current affiliate level.

What is Affiliate Level?

We assign a certain level to each affiliate per month based on the previous month's performance. This level depends on the amount of deposit your referral trader made in the previous month. The higher the affiliate level, the greater the commission percentage you receive in our affiliate program. The starting level for all affiliates when registering is Level 1. That is, you receive 50% of the platform's revenue based on the Profit Sharing model, or 2% of trading turnover based on the Turnover Sharing model.

Profit Sharing Model

If you become an affiliate based on this calculation model, you will get a percentage of the platform profit from each referral trader. Based on the number of deposits made by all referral traders in a month, affiliates will be assigned one of seven levels. Levels are recalculated on the first day of the following month based on results from the previous month.

If the platform gets negative results, affiliate commissions are also credited based on assigned levels, but commissions for unprofitable transactions are reduced.

This is the value of the Affiliate interest rate depending on the trader's deposit amount based on the Profit Sharing model:

Deposit Level per Month Affiliate Commission:

  1. 0 — 14 50%
  2. 15 — 49 55%
  3. 50 — 99 60%
  4. 100 — 199 65%
  5. 200 — 399 70%
  6. 400 — 699 75%
  7. 700 or more 80%

Deposit Level per Month Affiliate Commission:

Model for Turnover

In accordance with the terms of our affiliate program, affiliates working under the Turnover Share model receive a commission percentage of their referral monthly trading turnover. Commissions are calculated for each trader separately, but cannot be greater than the amount of profit received by the Company. This percentage can range from 2% to 5%, depending on the amount of deposit made by the referred trader per month.

The following shows the affiliate percentage value depending on the deposit amount, based on the Turnover Share model:

Deposit Level per Month Affiliate Commission

  1. 0 — 14 2.0%
  2. 15 — 49 2.5%
  3. 50 — 99 3.0%
  4. 100 — 199 3.5%
  5. 200 — 399 4.0%
  6. 400 — 699 4.5%
  7. 700 atau lebih 5.0%

Affiliate Commission Payment Terms

Affiliate commissions are paid once after the affiliate registers and references its first active trader.

To receive the first payment in an affiliate program, the affiliate must meet the 10 FTD (First Deposit) requirement. This means that affiliate commissions will be accumulated in the affiliate account until the referral trader makes a total of the first 10 deposits. Once these requirements are met, affiliates can withdraw income from their accounts at any time.

Payments are credited to affiliates once a week on Thursdays. To receive this payment, make sure you have added valid billing information in the withdrawal section.