Tutorial for registering a Quotex account via the latest website. Please follow the quotex registration tutorial that we provide below and verify your identity after successfully registering an account. It only takes 1 minute to register for a Quotex account.

Register quotex account

Open the site latest quotex or click the Register button at the top right to register an account. You can also register using Google by clicking on the Google logo.

cara daftar quotex

After pressing register, a registration form will appear as shown in the image below.

  • Fill in the email address you will use and create your password.
  • Select the type of currency you want to use.
  • Read and agree to the “Service Agreement”

Happy! Your Quotex account has been successfully registered! Now you can trade on real and demo accounts.

After successfully registering, you have 2 account choices, namely a demo account and a real account. The demo account uses a virtual $10,000 balance while the real account uses the balance from your deposit. However, the winnings you achieve on a demo account are only for practice, they cannot be cashed out. Different from real accounts which use real money.

Trading on Quotex is very easy. You just need to analyze the market and determine whether prices will rise or fall. If you believe the market price will rise, then choose an increase. However, if you believe the market price will fall soon, then choose the bearish option. You can set the expiration time/timeframe for determining your trading results from 1 minute – 1 hour in the future. If you choose the 1 minute option, if after 1 minute the time runs out and you are in a profit position, it means you are profitable. On the other hand, if you are in a losing position and time runs out then you are declared to have lost.

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